Digital Rewards Program Store Codes

Location Store Code
West Bird CK1
West Flagler CK2
Miami Beach – 41st CK3
Miami Beach – SOBE CK4
Keystone CK5
Downtown Miami CK6
Sunset CK7
Bird & Ludlum CK8
Plantation CK9
Pinecrest CK10
Coral Reef CK11
Kendall CK12
Lejeune & US-1 CK13
Coral Gables CK14
Country Walk CK15
Miami Lakes CK16
Pembroke Pines CK17
Doral CK18

How It Works

Find the store code from the list above for the Chicken Kitchen location nearest you. Text your store code to 578-277 to join
and receive free food every time you order from Chicken Kitchen. After you have joined our Fivestars Digital Rewards Program, you can then download the Fivestars App on your mobile phone in order to easily track and manage all of your rewards

How To Join

1. Find your store code above 
2. Text your store code to 578-277
3. You will receive a confirmation text from Fivestars
4. Reply “YES” to the confirmation text
5. Enjoy a free reward just for signing up

*The Fivestar Digital Rewards Program remains the exclusive property of Chicken Kitchen. Chicken Kitchen reserves the right at all times and without notice to either amend or change these terms including the right to terminate, withdraw or cancel the program